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A body acceptance brand that transforms you from feeling lost to feeling found through the power of self-love

about me.

All LOVE starts with SELF LOVE

Hey friends, my name is Christina Marie, founder of Christina Marie's Mantra. I want to take you back to where this all started and where MY MANTRA became the core of who I am and how I am going to be a catalyst for change in your life.

The battle with anorexia controlled most of my young adult life until I was 21 years old. I had a battle in my mind where anorexia was the only cure. It seemed anorexia itself could numb out all the bad feelings and allow me to feel good about my thin body. My value system (or mantra I later discovered) was, “As long as I look like I have it all together, no one can hurt me anymore.” This was the lie I told myself, and even as my weight continued to decrease, my self-confidence and quality of life didn’t improve.

Then a powerful moment happened in my life that changed EVERYTHING. I discovered power in MANTRAS. My mantra went from hiding the truth, to simply leaning in and embracing it. I discovered “If my mentality can create this much negativity, what if I used that same energy into getting better and empower myself?” I discovered a DEEP desire to impact others who were struggling so I started creating fashion events as a spin off from a three year career in self made modeling.

My Inclusive Fashion Events create a safe space for individuals to believe they were worthy of more and find SELF LOVE. I want people who attend my events to leave with the feeling that they have knowledge in the areas of physical, mental, nutritional, and social health to best take care of their bodies and minds. If I can help anyone avoid going down that dark path I did.... then my MANTRA has served a purpose. 
Welcome to MY MANTRA!



“I believe it’s hard to find people who invest in YOU, but that’s just what Christina does. She has spent the time making connections with people who have the same mission of investing in other people and their growth! So far, she has helped me find the resources I need to fuel my body, feel great, while owning the darker parts of myself." 






What We Do


FOOD is NOT the Enemy. Food is FUEL


FASHION expresses WHO YOU ARE without having to Speak


What you FUEL your FEELINGS with matters. Make sure it's POSITIVE


Workout because you LOVE your BODY, not as a punishment

Sip & Spray

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Kim Elliott & Dejerae Trujillo are life-long tanning twinsies with an entrepreneur mind and hearts made of rose gold. They decided to take mobile spray tanning to the next level in Summer 2019 by converting a limo shuttle bus into a luxury tanning salon and travel throughout many regions dedicating to provide the perfect tan.


Mental Health Colorado

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Mental Health Colorado is the state's leading advocate for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. We seek to make Colorado a national leader in mental health by promoting universal screening and diagnosis, expanding access to affordable services, and eradicating stigma and discrimination.

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Kind Bar

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These bars are where our journey started and it was simple: whole ingredients like nuts, mixed with fruits and spices bound together with honey.






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